Byron Moore: Narbonne Blog

Throughout 2008, SectionSports.com will post blog entries submitted by standouts from around the state. This one comes courtesy of Byron Moore, USC commitment and senior safety/wide receiver at Los Angeles City Section-contender Narbonne. Moore provides details about the upcoming year and practice so far.
To the readers:
This past week was our h*&%-week. The first day was a good, solid day of practice. One of our main goals this year as a team is to come together as a family and play like one unit. So each day at lunch we sat in groups of four and each day we did a different activity.

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The first day we had to learn some things we didn't know about each person in our group. Then we had all of the first-year varsity players sing a song in front of everyone.
The second day each group performed a one-minute skit. Most groups made their skits about the coaches. We all enjoyed it; it kept our minds off of tiring practices.
Many people say our team never has enough discipline to win the big games, but all that is changing this year. The coaches are staying on us, and the leaders on the team are helping out, too, making sure everyone stays in line. This year is really a new Narbonne.
Everything is being done differently.
Our practices are run at a fast tempo and all the coaches are very dedicated to getting us prepared. We're taking it one day at a time, and trying to get better each day.
A few parents got together and made us a big buffet lunch for our final practice. Overall, the team felt good about the improvements we made this week, and we know our work isn't over yet. We will continue to get better and prepare for our season. We will have a scrimmage against each other and then have a little time off until school starts.
We have a lot of skill guys and a good enough line that we feel we can compete with anyone in the city. Our defense will be the best in the city this year. Our No. 1 rule is to get possession of the ball.
We have the word "finish" on the back of our team t-shirts and we feel this year won't be finished unless we make it to the championship. The city section better get ready.
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