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Comets Diamond in the Rough

Westchester high school in Los Angeles has two players that are already committed to playing Division I college ball next season, while a third is probably the best athlete out of all of them.
Everyone in the Southern California high school hoops world knows the names Jordin Mayes, Kareem Jamar and Dwayne Polee. One name they might not know is senior Reggie Murphy, who is quickly becoming a hot commodity for the Comets.
"He's going to be a very good player, probably a better college player than he was a high school player," Westchester coach Ed Azzam said of his 6-foot-9 center.
Murphy currently has offers from Oklahoma, TCU and Marquette on the table.
With all the attention the other players on his team receive, it's a little easy for Murphy to get missed. But scouts have begun looking at the senior's frame more closely, and they see a bright future for a player that Azzam calls "a young senior."
"He is a young senior in terms of basketball experience," Azzam explained. "He's going to have to continue to work in the weight room to become a better player, but he's really been improving this year and I think it's just a matter of time before he breaks out."
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