Jordan Wynn Blog Upate Week IV

Throughout the 2008 season, will post blog entries submitted by standouts from around the state. This one comes courtesy of Jordan Wynn, Colorado commitment and senior quarterback at state reigning champion Oceanside.
To all the readers:
Week 3 brings the Oceanside football team to a critical point in our season.
It's still early, however, tonight we play No. 3 ranked Mira Mesa. It should be a very good game; I expect a packed Oceanside crowd because tonight is Parent Night. In talking with all my teammates, I know all their family members are coming.
Personally, I love home games. I especially like the support we get from our community. I would have to say our school is one of the toughest places to play in San Diego, if not the toughest.
We've had a good week of practice and are well prepared for tonight. Although we still aren't playing as well as we can, last week we beat cross-town rival El Camino, 34-12, and that says something.
I believe this year's team has a chance to be special, and when we don't play a great game and still win, it shows we have a lot of potential. Now, we just need to play our best game, and things will fall into place.
As for the University of Colorado, the school I committed to … That was a great win last night!!
I watched the whole game with my dad and it was so exciting to see. After that win, I'm pretty sure Colorado will move into the Top 25. But the team's schedule only gets tougher from here on in.
I believe the next 4-5 games are all against Top 25 teams, but that's what I like to see in the program. They are scheduling tough teams and that's one thing that attracted me to the school.
In the Big 12, there aren't any blowout games anymore -- every Saturday is a tough game.
Good luck to everyone tonight.
Jordan Wynn #3
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