Moore: Were Not Overlooking Westchester

SectionSports.com posts blog entries submitted by standouts from around the state. This one comes courtesy of Byron Moore, USC commitment and senior safety/wide receiver at Los Angeles City Section-contender Narbonne.
This past week our team got a big (38-14) win over a tough Mira Costa team. It was our first real test of the year and, if I say so myself, we passed with flying colors. We played well in all aspects of the game, and the coaches did a great job of preparing us.
It was our fourth year playing them, and this was the first time we just outright beat them.

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In the past years, we would always be up at halftime and they would come back in
the second half. But we weren't letting that happen this year. Our defense shut their running game down all night.
We knew that would be a big game and a tough one. All week we just wanted to stay focused and have great practices, and that's what we did. And the end results were never in doubt because we felt we knew our opponent well enough, and we would be able to beat them easily.
This week we play Westchester at home, and next week is another big game against Los Alamitos. That game won't mean anything if we lose focus and get upset by Westchester, a team we know we should easily beat just with our talent alone.
But talent doesn't win games. Hard work and focus does. Last year, when we were coming off a big victory over Mira Costa at their home, we went into the Westchester game too relaxed, and we struggled before finally winning 14-0.
So this year, our team takes every game one at a time, and we treat every team the same no matter what their rank or record is. We get excited to play everybody.
I know some teams on certain weeks might act a little different or try to change things they normally do, but we always act the same. We don't get nervous or anything like that.
We never want to play to the level of our opponent. Everybody on our schedule is a victim.
They're just another team in our way of getting to a city championship.
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