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Top prospects from the Superstar Shootout

By Lee Hubbard
Fresno City College was the site of the Superstar Shootout that featured a wide array of teams and players from California and Nevada. The shootout featured a series of games with various teams including the Bay Area Hoosiers, Bay Area Roadrunners, TS Superstars, Las Vegas Prospects, Norcal Pump N Run, BCA, Fresno Blaze, Fresno Thunder and several other teams.
Here are some of the players who stood out at the Superstar Shootout.
Dillon Alexander, 2013, 6-4 wing, Weston Ranch, Stockton, Ca.-A skilled shooter, who is heady and savvy. He knocked down shots and made plays for his Bay Area Hoosiers team. He was an effective in the half court off the dribble, driving to the basket or hitting several jumpers with his solid shooting ability.
Ross Jones, 2013, 6-5 post, Riordan High School, San Francisco, Ca. -A big bodied post player who showed good touch around the basket for the Bay Area Hoosiers. He is a strong rebounder and he will help Riordan this year on the court.
Aubrey Dawkins, 2013, 6- 4 Shooting Guard, St. Francis, Mountain View, Ca.-Dawkins was a high energy player on the court for the Bay Area Roadrunners, stealing the ball, tipping in shots, scoring in transition and knocking down jumpers. He was all over the place and in some ways playing without a purpose. Once he figures it out and grows into his body, he could become one of the top wing players in his class in northern California. He is a player to watch and one who will only get better.
Kahlil Johnson, 2013, 6-2 guard, St. Francis, Mountain View, Ca.-An athletic combo guard who also was very aggressive in his play for the Bay Area Roadrunners. He was very good in transition getting to the basket in the two games witnessed. He needs to improve his offensive skill sets from the perimeter, but his effort to make plays stands out on the court.
Arik Armstead, 2012, 6-8 post, Pleasant Grove, Sacramento, Ca.-Armstead has grown two inches and he looked very good. A player in the mold of a Glen "Big Baby" Davis. He is a very skilled post player and showed his versatility, showing good footwork and scoring in the block on jump hooks and hitting fifteen foot jump shots for the Superstars. He moved the floor very well and he is deceptively athletic. A football player, who is committed to attending and playing football at USC, he says he play both football and basketball, which is something that he can and has the size and skill level to do.
Tajai Johnson, 2012, 6-3 guard, Vallejo High School, Vallejo, Ca.-An athletic wing guard, who was very strong attacking the basket and using his athleticism to get to the rim. He is a tweener at the guard sport. More of combo guard then a true point guard or shooting guard. He showed an improved jumper knocking down several shots. Now he needs to just be able to put his game together, showing variety, as he often settles to do one or the other.
Kendall Smith, 2013, 6-foot guard, Deer Valley, Antioch, Ca.-Smith is a skilled point guard who is starting to come into his own. An all leaguer at Deer Valley, Smith has a nice floor game and he is good at making decisions. He played in spurts and aggressiveness and the lack of it may be an issue, but he will start making a name for himself in the summer for the Superstars.
Darius Graham, 2012, 5-foot-11 guard, Sacramento High School, Sacramento, Ca.-A pass first speedy point guard who has good play making ability. He made several good basketball plays, hitting the open man and making sure the right people had the ball for Team Superstar. He is a very good on the ball defender. Offensively, he did hit a few open shots, but he needs to be more aggressive offensively.
Duke Doulphus, 2013, 6-6 forward, San Jacquin Memorial, Fresno, Ca.-Big bodied young post that has nice footwork around the basket. He has a high skill level and showed the ability to knock down the mid range jump shot for the Bay Area Hoosiers.
Cody Rodino[/db], 2013, 6-2 guard, Highland High School-A smooth combo guard with a solid stroke. He has very savvy moves and he is really cagey at getting to the basket off the dribble. He knocked down key jumpers for BCA in the games that were witnessed.
Danny Powell, 2013, 6-6 wing, Dessert Vista High School, (Arizona) - Big body solid wing man who knocked down jumper after jumper. He needs to rebound better for his position. But with his size, schools will be looking at the big wing.
Rashard Jackson, 2014, 6-foot-3 guard, Garces High School, Bakersfield, Ca.-One of the top guards in the state in his class. He showed the ability to run a team and make intelligent plays with the ball for the TS Superstar 15's. He has a high skill level and a motor on the court, as he makes things happen.
Jared Brandon, 2011, 6-foot-4 wing, Canyon Springs (Nevada)-Athletic run and jump wingman who is a jack of all trades player for the Las Vegas Prospects. He is very solid driving to the basket and in transition. He showed the ability to knock down the open shot, but he did not shoot it enough. He may end up attending prep school, as he is set to graduate from high school.
Aaseem Dixon, 2011, 5-11 guard, Centennial High School (Nevada)-A quick and skilled pass first point guard. Dixon made plays attacking the basket and making pin point passes for the Prospects. HE has a solid jumper, but is best running a team. Another senior who may end up going to prep school or a high level JC.
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